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Intensive support for those going through difficult situations

When life gets tough, you're about to transform.

Transformation hurts, it gives fear and sadness.

I'm here to help you through this phase with courage and self-responsibility.

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The people we choose to live together are mirrors that show us where we are stuck. It's no use wanting the other to change. It's no use wanting to know who's right or wrong. Let's look at each interaction and see what is no longer needed. Let's interrupt habits and reactions.


Since childhood, we are presented with a scale of which jobs are worthy and which are not. They show us what a successful person is and how important it is to earn well. But we know that life isn't about spending 10 hours in an office, fighting other people to get to the top. Anxiety attacks, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, heart attacks, diabetes. These and other signs are cries for help.

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Our society has not evolved to support mothers and fathers. We don't see raising children as a priority. Moms and dads try to do their best, but they are exhausted, they feel alone, they think they are doing something wrong. Beat, punish, reward, argue with children. Nothing works. Cell phone, computer, video games, lack of interest in everything, lack of purpose, addictions, ADHD  The children are not well either.


Accounts don't close at the end of the month even working hard for the company. He bet everything on a startup and it didn't work out. Crypto investments disappeared. Resignation. Lack of perspective. What or who are you giving your talent to?

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Marcio, 43, Businessman

"You are saving me at my worst moment. You put your brain and your heart out to help me. That is priceless. I really wish that more people can count on your support"


Renata, 39,executive

Marcelo is an incredible professional. In a short time of treatment, it made me see very deep issues that I had never realized (even after having done years of therapy!) but at the same time it suggests quick exercises that make an absurd difference in the way I deal with emotions, judgments and state in spirit. His very refined look together with his baggage of knowledge and experience make him unique and very assertive!

Dunia, 46, Therapist

“Marcelo puts his being at his disposal for a real human connection that goes beyond any method, touching very deep faces of mine, possible only for very experienced and mature therapists!.
And for me, as a therapist, this availability to create paths where I can overcome the most challenging issues is essential. Indeed you put yourself at service!”

Who am I and
what i already did

I've been through a lot and used every moment to learn more about myself and work on my emotional and spiritual issues.

I've worked for an international bank and lived on three continents.

I was a manager of an NGO for environmental protection and agroforestry agriculture.

I undertook 3 organizations completely different from each other with good and bad results.

I'm married, but I've had deep crises in my relationship.

I have a teenage daughter and a preteen son.

I already built my own house.

I've made risky investments before. I gained a lot and lost a lot.

I've been lost in my career not knowing what the next step is.

I experienced different therapies as well as spiritual processes.

I work with therapy and technology at the same time.

I test in myself everything I offer to those who work with me

If you don't know me and don't want to make a big investment, just watch the movie "The Stutz Method" on Netflix. If you like it, read the books by Phil Stutz and Barry Michaels. and read mineblogin this website.

For those who want to go a little deeper, I offer online groups in which I teach the techniques I use in an educational context, using real examples from the participants.Contactto know more.

If you need individualized care, I offer an intensive process where we meet virtually once a week for 1 hour and follow up with you daily via Whatsapp. 

To learn more about these possibilities, get in touch using the form below.

what i offer you


"Failure, weakness and vulnerability are connectors... they connect you to the rest of the world because you are giving a signal to the world that says: I need you because I can't go about doing this alone"

― Phil Stutz



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